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The Ozonette Package Includes:
Hersil Oxygen Regulator
Medical Oxygen Coil Tubing
UK Mains Electrical Cable
5 Luer Protection Filters
USB Ozonette Operation Manual & Video Tutorial
Medical Ozone Resistant Accessories Available

The Ozonette MD Unit is a high quality built Medical Certified Ozone Generator.

It has a small and unquie foot print, no bigger than an ipad, which makes this unit a very portable generator in your clinic or visiting patience at thier home.

The Sedecal user interface is easy to use, and it's design makes it simple to set up within a few minutes. Together these features makes the Ozonette, a simple and easy plug and play professional medical device ozone generator.

It's innovating advanced technology enables the Ozonette to operate within a wide range of enivorments and produces accurate and precise medical grade ozone gas concentrations, from 1 to 80ug in 1ug increments.

This unit is ideal for Prolozone Therapy, all Insufflation Methods, IV Ozone Saline Infusions, Minor and Major Autohemotherapy and Aesthetic Ozone Injections.

Operating Modes:
Syringe automatic loading
Continuous mode with independent flow adjustment
Manual mode (complete user control)

Concentration Range:
1 to 80ug/Nml in steps of 1ug/Nml.

Ozone Output:
Total Ozone Concentration Output 3g/h

Ozone Flow Rate:
Digitally adjustable from 10 to 50 L/h (0.167LPM to 0.83LPM)

N Standardization Measurement:
Monitors the environmental pressure and temperature

Ozone Generator Tube:
High Voltage Generator™ with a compact ozone tube, governed by an electronic controller, producing very precise and consistent ozone gas concentrations

Dynamic Control Monitoring (DCM):
Increases ozone concentration stability providing greater accuracy and precision

Uniform Flow Distribution:
Monitors the live flow of gas through the ozone generator tube and controls the flow while simultaneously ensuring the ozone – oxygen gas mixture is homogeneous

Optimized Oxygen Consumption:
The Ozonette system automatically determines the precise syringe volume, thereby reducing medical oxygen and ozone gas wastage

Algorithm Concentration Measurement (ACM):
Live concentration measurement system

Automatic Overpressure Detection (AOD):
Increased pressure detected within the Ozonette system

Double Ozone Destructor System:
Two internal ozone catalytic destructor units each with an independent circuit completely maintenance-free

User Interface:
Graphic LCD Screen
Operational via Digital Touch Control
Simple and Intuitive text-free interface

Weight: 3kg
Dimensions in cm: 25 x 27 x 12
Certificates: EC, RoSH, MDD (llb class)

Medical Gas Supply:
Compatibility with medical oxygen cylinder and centralized oxygen supply system

Power Supply:
Universal external power supply medical standards (100 to 240V/50 to 60Hz )

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