Advanced Medical Aesthetics Ozone Injections


For any clinician, aesthetician or private practice looking to provide a natural, healthy and non-toxic injectable, the Aesthetic Ozone Injection course is essential.

There is a range of injection techniques using medical ozone gas. Each method provides a pathway of transfusing medical ozone gas into the subcutaneous and dermal layers of the skin.

The effect can induce an increase in blood supply by ozonide stimulation of the micro-capillary network. By doing so, it promotes skin collagen and elastin production resulting in rejuvenation.

The ozonides continue to work for several weeks, modulating the local immunity and inducing a skin repair cycle.

In addition to these effects, gaseous ozone can treat lipodystrophies by reducing fatty acids causing them to split. The ozone donates electrons, thereby allowing the fatty chains to be water-soluble. The lymphatic system then removes them. In this way, gaseous ozone reduces both fat and cellulite (panniculosis) in the tissues.

Course Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that The Medical Ozone Research Institute is the 1st Educational & Training Institute in the field of Medical Ozone Therapy to be accredited in the UK.

The Medical Ozone Research Institute is a Registered CPD Provider with the CPD Accreditation Group.
One of the most respected CPD Bodies in the UK.

The Advanced Medical Aesthetics Ozone Injections Course Certificate is Awarded 33 CPD Credits.

Who Can Apply

Medical Doctors GMC Registered


Prescribed Nurses

Prescriber Pharamacist

Registration Process

To register, fill out and complete registration form.
All practitioners are required to scan the following in a PDF format:
Passport ID
Proof of Address - e.g. Driving License, Bank Statement or Utility Bill
Medical Degree Certificate
Summary of your work experience and specialisation including any work with Ozone Therapy.
Once completed and your registration has been successful, a registration payment link will be sent to your email address.

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Registration Fees

Medical Aesthetic Ozone Injection Course

Registration Fee: £2500

Full Payment of Registration Fees can be paid by Direct Debit or Credit/Debit Card.
Credit/Debit card payments will incur additional admin fees

Payment Plan Options:
To qualify you must be a UK, EU or USA Registered Citizen and have a bank account
A 50% deposit is required from the total registration fee
Instalments from 3 to 6 monthly payments are available
Payments are paid via Direct Debit
A Payment Plan Agreement will be sent to you to sign

International Payments:
Must be paid in full unless specified in the Payment Plan Option section, see above.

T&C apply

Additional Information

Advanced Medical Aesthetics Ozone Injections

All practitioners will require the following additional certification:

First Aid Certificate
Medical Oxygen Gas Handling and Safety Certificate
List of course providers given upon registration.

Ozone Society
Professional Regulatory Body for Ozone Therapy Practitioners.
It ensures that all members are compliant to all areas of good practice, health and safety together with a code of conduct and a code of ethics to perform Ozone Therapy in the UK.

All members receive a certificate of membership, with an Ozone Society Seal for members website, PR and Marketing material. The Ozone Society has a public membership page where members can advertise their clinics.

Medical Aesthetic Ozone Injection Course Information

Live Practical Course | 1 Day Intensive

Over View Aesthetics

−  What is medical aesthetics?
−  What are the principles of hyaluronic acid treatments and treatments involving botulinum toxins?
−  Give a brief outline of indications and contra-indications of these treatments.
−  What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and how is it obtained?
−  What are the indications and contra-indications for PRP?

Medical Ozone in Aesthetics

−  Describe how ozone is used in aesthetic medicine
−  What are the contra-indications of ozone use in aesthetics?

Medical Ozone and PRP

−  Describe the physiological principles involved in combined PRP and ozone therapy.
−  The use of ozonated oils in acne, rosacea and other skin diseases.
−  The principals involved in combined intra-dermal PRP and subcutaneous ozone.

Medical Ozone and Cellulite

−  How do ozone injections help with cellulite reduction?
−  Describe the principals involved in the treatment of local adiposity with ozone therapy.

Medical Ozone and Oedema

− How does ozone help dependent and non-dependent oedema?

Medical Ozone Telangiectasia

−  What is telangiectasia?
−  How does ozone help this condition?

Medical Ozone and Wrinkle Reduction

−  How is ozone used in wrinkle reduction?
−  How is ozone used in skin tightening?

Medical Ozone and Hair Loss

− The principles of ozone therapy for hair loss

Medical Ozone and Neck Contouring

− How ozone can be used for submental adiposity

Review and Analysis

Here we look at a number of videos where the client condition is briefly discussed to focus on the areas that require specific observation. We monitor how the medical ozone is going to be used and the outcome of each treatment application.

Diagnosis and Management

Once we have made our diagnoses, we take a look at the treatment management, which methods are used, multiple applications and when they are applied.

Types of Injections

Here the range of techniques are shown and discussed and how each of them can be used individually and in combinations. Each technique has a specific use and function which can then be tailored for patient management.

Ozone Concentrations and Volumes

- Medical Ozone Gas concentrations used for each technique and application
- supporting applications before and after ozone injections


Live patient demonstrations with a range of conditions, this enables practitioners to exam, assess and interact with patients, providing feed-back and direct response to treatment. The number of demonstrations on the day are 4-8.

Comply with the European Cooperation Of Medical Ozone Socieities

Compliant with the Ozone Society


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