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The Ozonette Dent Package Includes:
O3 Injector
Hersil Oxygen Regulator
Medical Oxygen Coil Tubing
UK Mains Electrical Cable
5 Luer Protection Filters
USB Ozonette Operation Manual & Video Tutorial
Medical Ozone Resistant Accessories Available

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The Ozonette Dental Unit is a high quality built Medical Certified Ozone Generator.

Its small and unique footprint, no bigger than an iPad, makes this unit a very portable generator in your clinic or visiting patience at their home.

The Sedecal user interface design and simple set-up makes this a very simple plug and play professional device.

Its advanced technology enables the Ozonette to operate within a wide range of environments and produce accurate and precise medical grade ozone gas concentrations.

This unit is ideal for dental applications such as prevention, surgery and prothesis, oral medicine, periodontics, endodontics and orofacial pain. The units vertility means that Ozone Therapy IV applications and Injectables can be applied using the Ozonette Dental

Operating Modes:
Syringe automatic loading
Continuous mode with independent flow adjustment
Manual mode (complete user control)

Concentration Range:
1 to 80ug/Nml in steps of 1ug/Nml.

Ozone Output:
Total Ozone Concentration Output 3g/h

Ozone Flow Rate:
Digitally adjustable from 10 to 50 L/h (0.167LPM to 0.83LPM)

N Standardization Measurement:
Monitors the environmental pressure and temperature

Ozone Generator Tube:
High Voltage Generator™ with a compact ozone tube, governed by an electronic controller, producing very precise and consistent ozone gas concentrations

Dynamic Control Monitoring (DCM):
Increases ozone concentration stability providing greater accuracy and precision

Uniform Flow Distribution:
Monitors the live flow of gas through the ozone generator tube and controls the flow while simultaneously ensuring the ozone – oxygen gas mixture is homogeneous

Optimized Oxygen Consumption:
The Ozonette system automatically determines the precise syringe volume, thereby reducing medical oxygen and ozone gas wastage

Algorithm Concentration Measurement (ACM):
Live concentration measurement system

Automatic Overpressure Detection (AOD):
Increased pressure detected within the Ozonette system

Double Ozone Destructor System:
Two internal ozone catalytic destructor units each with an independent circuit completely maintenance-free

User Interface:
Graphic LCD Screen
Operational via Digital Touch Control
Simple and Intuitive text-free interface

Weight: 3kg
Dimensions in cm: 25 x 27 x 12
Certificates: EC, RoSH, MDD (llb class)

Medical Gas Supply:
Compatibility with medical oxygen cylinder and centralized oxygen supply system

Power Supply:
Universal external power supply medical standards (100 to 240V/50 to 60Hz )

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