Registration FAQS

Am I qualified to take the Clinical or Non-Clinical Courses?

You must have a professional qualification and be registered with a public professional body:

Medical Doctor registered with the GMC

Nurse registered with RNC or NMC

Dentists registered with the GDC


An Allied Health Professional is required to be registered with their prospective bodies:

Osteopaths are required to be registered with GOsC

Chiropractors are required to be registered with the GCC

Biomedical & Clinical Scientists in their respective fields are expected to be registered with the HCPC

My qualifications or registered body falls below the prerequisites required to practice?

The course prerequisites are a requirement to register for the courses. However, more importantly, it is a requirement to enable the practitioner to operate independently and compliantly for the safety of the patient, and the safety of the practitioner. As a natural consequence, this affects whether the health and safety requirements to practice in their clinic are met.

Practitioners who provide clinical medical ozone procedures to the public who fall out of these requirements are putting themselves at risk to themselves and the public. This is independent of the practitioner having a training certificate to use an ozone generator and have cover through a professional indemnity insurance.

It has been our experience that practitioners who provide ozone therapy services that fall below the expected prerequisites, are putting their patients at risk and themselves. As a consequence, this has caused some underwriters to withdraw their indemnity insurance when a claim has been made by a member of the public.

There are some professional indemnity insurance agents and underwriters that provide cover for a practitioner that comes under this category and are unable to honour the necessary cover when an actual claim is made.

This is due to the practitioner unable to provide adequate professional qualifications and registration to a public professional body to support them through a litigation or claim made by the public, especially in the field of Ozone Therapy.

Additionally, practitioners in this category may face further litigation from the MHRA, Medical Gas Suppliers, Local Councils, and Environmental Agencies which can further impact the practitioner’s legitimacy to practice in the future.

Unfortunately, practitioners who come under this category put the Field of Ozone Therapy in the UK into disrepute, and undermine the reputation of Ozone Therapy and all complaint professional ozone therapy practitioners in the UK.

What’s the difference between Clinical and Non-Clinical Courses?

Clinical Courses involve a range of injectables:
IV Infusions
IV Reinfusion of ozonated blood
Medical grade ozone gas Injections
IV ozonated isotonic infusions

These procedures are categorised as clinical as the methodology involved already pre-exists in medical practice and requires professional and clinical experience to provide these methods of applications.

Non-Clinical Courses involve medical grade ozone gas that is absorbed transdermally or absorbed through the mucosal lining. As a result, one method of application has an indirect systemic effect. Therefore, these procedures' routes of entry are via absorption, these procedures are classified as Non-Clinical.

Do I need to provide additional documents to register onto the courses?

We Require The Following Documents:

Photo ID – this can be a passport, Driving License or ID Card

Professional Qualification Certificates

Regulatory Body and Registration Pin Number

Who can apply for a payment plan?

All UK, European and USA residents that have a bank account and can provide proof of address documentation that correlates with the billing address, can apply for a payment plan.

Your Photo ID and Proof of Address will be used to make the Financial Payment Plan Agreement.

All Payment Plan Agreements will require a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% paid through the payment plan agreement terms & conditions.

The Payment Plan Agreement is sent via Dochub, so that your digital signature is legally binding.

A Direct Debit Mandate is sent via email that is processed through GoCardless secure payment gateway.

All other international registrants are required to make the payment in full.

The Medical Ozone Research Institute is a Trading Name through Urban Detox Limited and is registered with Companies House, our Company Number is 10068851

Therefore, all our business transaction will be billed and invoiced through Urban Detox Limited.

Are the courses accredited?

Yes, all our courses are accredited with international recognition for continual professional development for all respective practitioners who are registered with a public professional body.

Therefore, our post graduate training enables the practitioner to collect their CPD credits that will contribute towards their appraisals to maintain their registration.

Do you supply ozone generators and accessories?

Yes, we do supply Ozone Generators and Ozone Accessories, we provide medically certified ozone generators, that are specifically selected for their innovation and quality.

We believe in supplying generators that can future the proof the practitioner needs at a very competitive price point. All generators can be seen here.

Comply with the European Cooperation Of Medical Ozone Socieities

Compliant with the Ozone Society


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The Medical Ozone Research Institute Sponsors The Way of the Warriors

They are a group of veterans who have lived through the deep and soul-destroying effects of trauma after years in the field.

THE WAY OF THE WARRIORS blend ancient knowledge with modern research and naturopathic medicine. The Institute has trained their support team to provide additional care for the veterans recovery. To learn more, please visit their website:

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