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Medical Ozone is Pioneering Holistic Healthcare in the 21st century and an essential tool, for all Healthcare Professionals to achieve high quality client management. The Medical Ozone Course is the foundation for any Holistic Healthcare Professional beginning Medical Ozone and is orientated∗ for those who are an Allied Health Professional, Nurse or Midwifery with Naturopathic qualification.

The course is designed towards applying Medical Ozone via non-clinical methods and ensuring safe and effective procedures for both the client and practitioner. ∗Doctors are equally invited and the course permits ONLY doctors to perform clinical applications within their practical training and be certified in their practice.

The Medical Ozone Research Institute (MORI) provides training and continual development in the science of Medical Ozone. The training comes in two parts, the Medical Ozone Theory and the Medical Ozone Practical.

The Theory and Practical have a final exam, which are performed online and is independently audited by Proctor U, to ensure the highly level of standards we hold in the Institute. Additionally the Practical course has a practical assessment, whereby each student has to demonstrate their ability to be compliant, to all health and safety procedures and regulations in setting up the ozone equipment, the handling of oxygen cylinders and performing the collection of medical ozone gas for the use of ozone therapy.

Our training focuses on preparing the practitioner to understand the major scientific principles and applications of Medical Ozone. MORI encourages the training of The Low Dose Concept when practicing Medical Ozone and its training is specifically orientated towards complementary practitioners and Allied Health Professionals for Non Clinical Applications in the practice of Medical Ozone.

Medical Ozone can treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions. However, it is not a magic bullet. By understanding how Medical Ozone can affect our body's biochemistry, you will improve your client management, see acceleration in recovery time, stabilise multiple symptoms and a reduction in client relapses.

The Medical Ozone Courses ensure a Good Practice Policy, Health and Safety, Standard Protocols and an Independent Audited Certificate for Handling Medical Oxygen Gas. On completion practitioners will receive an Accredited Certificate for completing the Medical Ozone Course and Training.

Medical Ozone Training

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