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The Medical Ozone Research Institute (MORI) Is The Only Official Training Provider In The UK.

We specialise in educating and training Medical Doctors, Dentists and Nurses to Allied Health Professionals, to develop the scientific principles and clinical understanding, to attain the expertise to perform medical ozone in their practice.

We provide Medical Ozone Courses in two main fields. They are Clinical and Non-Clinical areas of Healthcare.

The Clinical Field covers medical ozone application that involves blood work and injectables. The Non-Clinical Field includes medical ozone applications such as Insufflation and Transdermal infusions. Clinical Medical Ozone Courses are orientated explicitly towards Doctors, Dentists and Nurses who are over-sighted by a clinical director who is onsite. Allied Health Professionals and Natural Health Professionals that come from a Clinical or Allied Health Professional background can register for the Non-Clinical Medical Ozone Course.

Our training focuses on preparing the practitioner to understand the primary scientific principles and applications of Medical Ozone. MORI encourages the practice of “The Low Dose Concept” when practicing Medical Ozone in Clinical and Non-Clinical fields. Our Medical Ozone Courses ensure a Good Practice Policy, Health and Safety, Standard Protocols and enforces Independent Audited Certification, for Handling Medical Oxygen Gas, for practitioners in the Non-Clinical Field.

Our courses and training involve the Theory of Medical Ozone and Live Training Practicals.

All Theory courses are online, and All Live Training Practical courses are at a training venue. Our practical training incorporates some online materials to support you during, and post practical training. The Theory and Practical have a final exam, which is performed online and is independently audited by Proctor U, this is to ensure the highest standards and efficacy are applied in our courses and training we hold at the Institute.

Additionally, the Live Practical course has a practical assessment, whereby each practitioner has to demonstrate their ability to be compliant, to all health and safety procedures and regulations in setting up the ozone equipment, the handling of oxygen cylinders and performing the collection and use of medical ozone gas in clinical or non-clinical procedures.

All practitioners are given 1 year to complete their course.

Medical Ozone can affect our body's biochemistry and physiological effects, you will gain the technical and scientific competence to improve your client management, see an acceleration in recovery time, stabilise multiple symptoms and a reduction in client relapses.

Combined with the "Holistic Health Approach" Medical Ozone becomes a potent tool in navigating and facilitating your client’s health to achieve and maintain their health naturally.

“Medical Ozone is Pioneering "The Holistic Health Approach" into the 21st century and is a fundamental tool, for All Healthcare Professionals, to achieve superior client management strategies.”
Founder & CEO
Steven Karim

We are pleased to announce that The Medical Ozone Research Institute is the 1st Educational & Training Institute in the field of Medical Ozone Therapy to be accredited in the UK.

The Medical Ozone Research Institute is a Registered CPD Provider with the CPD Accreditation Group.
One of the most respected CPD Bodies in the UK.

When you select a course, click the course accreditation tab to determine how many CPD credits are awarded.

When you successfully pass the theory exam and complete the live practical training, the course certificate will indicate the CPD points awarded for completing the course.

Ken Muckle| Health Practitioner | UK

"You can tell he genuinely cares about making the material interesting and comprehensible to everyone. Great attitude to teaching. I highly recommend this course!"

Craig Mortimer | Clinical Director |Ashleigh Clinic | UK

"The course was very well organised with the video’s and information. Explaining logical steps in the Theory and Practice of Medical Ozone. This helps us provide another form of treatment for our patients who a looking for a more Holistic approach to their recovery."

Dr.Obeid |Medical Doctor |India

“The online medical ozone theory course is a great course…. In just a few weeks, I learned techniques that I will use over a lifetime to improve my work in pain management .  This course is great for any health professional.  I highly recommend it”

Dr. Okunola | Founder | Shefa Medical Services | Nigeria

"The ozone comprehensive practical course took place in the Institutes training clinic that is neat, well equipped and conducive for both theoretical and practical purposes. The course content was detailed, educative and up to date. I was impressed by Dr. Mian's depth of knowledge, skills, dexterity and teaching skills. He was able to teach and impact knowledge and skills and medical ozone therapy in a clear and interesting manner.  The practical sessions reinforced the importance and versatility of ozone therapy in managing patients and clients with different clinical conditions.  My overall assessment of the course is very good!"

Alex Haynes-Quintero | Health Practitioner | USA

"Medical Ozone Research Institute is the only truly turn-key solution to elevating the proper professional application of this effective and proven therapy. Integrating multiple streams of medical, scientific, and political aspects of ozone therapy has been flawlessly engineered into this two-part course. Anyone remotely interested in ozone therapy will benefit from this course and the expertise which is disseminated throughout."

Monkia Muckle| Director | Ozone Therapies Ltd | UK

"Steven presented complicated information in an understandable way. Created a calming yet professional atmosphere and is very knowledgeable. He explains things so well and doesn't move on until is students have a clear understanding of the course material"

Comply with the European Cooperation Of Medical Ozone Socieities

Compliant with the Ozone Society


UK's Official Distributor | Medical Device Certified Ozone Generators 


CPD Accredited | The CPD Group

The Medical Ozone Research Institute Sponsors The Way of the Warriors

They are a group of veterans who have lived through the deep and soul-destroying effects of trauma after years in the field.

THE WAY OF THE WARRIORS blend ancient knowledge with modern research and naturopathic medicine. The Institute has trained their support team to provide additional care for the veterans recovery. To learn more, please visit their website: thewayofthewarriors.org

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