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I cannot find any Double-Blind Studies conducted on Ozone Therapy?

Phase 3 double-blind studies are only conducted and financed by Big Pharma Corporations.

Ozone Therapy's therapeutic properties and effects have a direct conflict of interest with pharmaceutical drugs that have a mediocre effect on treating pathologies and conditions that Ozone Therapy treats and manages without any adverse reactions.

Therefore, the suppression of Ozone Therapy by Big Pharma corporations means that Phase 3 double-blind studies will never be conducted and have not been conducted in the last 60 years.

There are hundreds of peer review studies that have been conducted that repeatedly indicate the properties of ozone therapy. There is no doubt that further research needs to be done, however, funding and investment in the field of Ozone Therapy is limited.

We recommend the following video Medical Ozone Introduction | Intropsrection so that you have an better overview of the State of Play of Ozone Therapy

Is it Illegal to practice Ozone Therapy in the UK?

Ozone Therapy is not illegal to practice in the UK.

For some health practitioners, there are some conflicts with their regulatory body regarding how they can use Ozone Therapy, which restricts how Ozone Therapy can be used in some areas of health.

Ozone Therapy does enter into some grey zones; however, the Medica Ozone Research Institute alongside the Ozone Society provides the guidance and training to ensure all practitioners are aware of the limitations of using Ozone Therapy in the UK.

Is Ozone Therapy Safe to Use?

Medical Ozone gas can be safely used by a professional qualified and trained practitioner.

Simultaneously all practitioners are trained in all areas of health and safety to conduct Ozone Therapy safely as a service to the public.

As Medical Ozone gas is an irritant to the lungs, it should not be directly breathed in. Therefore, when managed correctly medical ozone can be used safely to limit exposure.

I want to register on the course, but I am still unsure whether Ozone Therapy is a legitimate therapeutic?

The Medical Ozone Research Institute provides education and training in the field of Ozone Therapy. If you are not at a point in your research that Ozone Therapy is effective as a therapeutic then it makes no sense for you to do the training.

As an educational and training Institute, we cannot convenience or reassure you about the properties of Ozone Therapy, this is a responsibility of the health practitioner to take on.

Therefore, until you have reached that point, we advise that you do not register for any of our courses.

When a health practitioner enters the Field of Ozone Therapy, the health practitioner takes on full responsibility to provide Ozone Therapy as a service to the public. Traditionally, most public regulatory bodies will not actively support a practitioner providing Ozone Therapy.

If you are a health practitioner who needs the security of their regulatory body to take on the responsibility to practice, we advise you not to enter the Field of Ozone Therapy.

Understand that when you enter the Field of Ozone Therapy you are practising “out of the box”, out of the accepted norms of most healthcare institutions.

Therefore, be prepared to understand that you as the health practitioner take on a wider range of responsibilities to practice Ozone Therapy. If you are not prepared or able to take on this extra responsibility, please do not practice Ozone Therapy as a service to the public.

Can I get professional indemnity insurance?

There are a number of agents that provide Professional Indemnity Insurance for Ozone Therapy to health professionals.

We have spent a considerable amount of time in the past with Agents and Medical Insurance Underwriters to tailor make a professional indemnity insurance policy for a wide range of health practitioners.

At this time most insurance underwriters do not see that there is a significant number of practitioners to provide the necessary cover for Medical Ozone Practitioners.

This is why we encourage all qualified and trained practitioners that provide Ozone Therapy to the public in the UK to register with the Ozone Society, a voluntary regulatory body for professional ozone therapy practitioners.

What we are aware of, is that not all professional indemnity insurance is made equally.

Some insurers provide cover; however, their cover is inadequate when a practitioner is practising clinical ozone therapy treatments or falls below the prerequisites to register on the Institutes courses.

Therefore, we would advise that you use an agent or underwriter that is well adverse in providing cover for a wide range of clinical procedures within the medical profession, independent of whether you are a medical doctor or not.

Are there mandatory requirements that are regulated to perform Ozone Therapy?

There is a specific range of health and safety requirements that you are expected to implement in the clinic room you use.

There is another set of requirements for the correct and certified equipment and accessories you use.

The standards, quality and auditing for the correct medical gases and certification to provide and produce medical ozone gas onsite safely.

Depending on the course you have registered on, it may require further compliancy with the CQC and local councils and Fire Departments. Be aware that is the practitioner’s responsibility to ensure that your practice has fully complied with the external agencies.  

All of these areas are addressed in the training we provide, however, a health practitioner who actively disregards these requirements is actively disregarding the safety of their patient and their safety to practice ozone therapy.

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