Non-Clinical Ozone Therapy Course


The Institute provides an ozone therapy training course that specialises in educating and training a range of Allied Health Professionals, Nurses, Pharmacists and Associated Health Practitioners .

The Non-Clinical Ozone Therapy course provides additional modules that cover areas such as cell biology, enzymology, biochemistry, and chemistry so that an in-depth knowledge base on the mechanism by which ozone therapy affects a number of biological systems.

The training encompasses a “Holistic Approach” therefore, it provides a unique insight on how practitioners when applying ozone therapy, can increase their treatment management options and be very versatile and proficient in supporting a client’s health naturally.

Comply with the European Cooperation Of Medical Ozone Socieities

Compliant with the Ozone Society


UK's Official Distributor | Medical Device Certified Ozone Generators 


CPD Accredited | The CPD Group

The Medical Ozone Research Institute Sponsors The Way of the Warriors

They are a group of veterans who have lived through the deep and soul-destroying effects of trauma after years in the field.

THE WAY OF THE WARRIORS blend ancient knowledge with modern research and naturopathic medicine. The Institute has trained their support team to provide additional care for the veterans recovery. To learn more, please visit their website:

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