The medical ozone practical course is a 42 hour intensive training. You are taught to perform all Non-Clinical applications, safely and competently, applying health and safety protocols at each stage.

Each student is assessed to set up the all the equipment and accessories. You will receive and apply ozone therapy to students taking part in the practical. You are assessed to apply your personal Ozone Therapy program.

All Health and Safety regulations are required to be passed during the practical. Once completing the practical all students are expected to take part in a written exam, where a pass mark or above is required to qualify.

The 6.5 Day Intensive Practical Program is highly recommended.

You will receive emails from MORI confirming your payment and registration and login details.

Coming soon you will have access to all online training videos and materials that support the Practical Course. This is for a period of 3 months and can be extended once you have passed your practical exam.

One to One

One to One is a tailored training program.

It is aimed towards corporates and companies within the Leisure, Health and Wellbeing Industry who wish to train their employees.

The training is generally a one week intensive program that can be integrating with existing services.

The training times are scheduled to your requirements.

One to One can only be applied by appointment only. Please send an email with "One to One Training" in the subject title.

  • Medical Ozone Practical

  • Intensive £1649