Dental Ozone Therapy


The first dentist to use ozone therapy in his practice was E.A. Fisch in the 1930's, to aid disinfection and wound healing during dental surgery. The main use of ozone in dentistry depends upon its antimicrobial properties and other properties. Today it is emerging as important adjunct in the field of dentistry.

Medical Ozone is now finding it roots back into Dentistry aided by the advancement of specialised ozone generators. The accessories that can now target dental treatments are possible because we are able to deliver precise volumes and concentrations of medical ozone.

The Dental Ozone Therapy Course is designed to provide dentist the clinical comprehensive overview involving physiology and biochemistry of the biological system together with hard and soft tissue disease. This generates the foundation where the principles of medical ozone can be applied in dental ozone therapy.

The Live Practical training enables the Dentist, Dental Nurse, Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist to provide targeted or general medical ozone administration. Practical training will be done on Dental Models using specialised Dental Ozone Equipment as used in clinical practice.

Course Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that The Medical Ozone Research Institute is the 1st Educational & Training Institute in the field of Medical Ozone Therapy to be accredited in the UK.

The Medical Ozone Research Institute is a Registered CPD Provider with the CPD Accreditation Group.
One of the most respected CPD Bodies in the UK.

The Dental Ozone Therapy Course Certificate is Awarded XX CPD Credits.

Who Can Apply

GDC Registered

Dental Surgeons

Dental Nursing Assistants

Dental Hygienists

 Dental Therapists

Registration Process

To register, fill out and complate registration form.
All practitioners are required to scan the following in a PDF format:
Passport ID
Proof of Address - e.g. Driving License, Bank Statement or Utility Bill
Medical Degree Certificate
Summary of your work experience and specialisation including any work with Ozone Therapy.
Once completed and your registration has been successful, a registration payment link will be sent to your email address.

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Registration Fees

Dental Ozone Therapy Course

Registration Fee: £3500

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Payment Plan Options:
To qualify you must be a UK, EU or USA Registered Citizen and have a bank account
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International Payments:
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T&C apply

Additional Information

Dental Ozone Therapy Course

All practitioners will require the following additional certification:

First Aid Certificate
Medical Oxygen Gas Handling and Safety Certificate
List of course providers given upon registration.

Ozone Society
Professional Regulatory Body for Ozone Therapy Practitioners.
It ensures that all members are compliant to all areas of good practice, health and safety together with a code of conduct and a code of ethics to perform Ozone Therapy in the UK.

All members receive a certificate of membership, with an Ozone Society Seal for members website, PR and Marketing material. The Ozone Society has a public membership page where members can advertise their clinics.

Already Completed Medical Ozone Theory

Practitioners who have already completed a Clinical Ozone Therapy Course with the Institute, can directly register onto the Live Practical Courses. All applicants must send a PDF file of their current Clinical Ozone Therapy Course Certificate issued by the Institute.

Please send Clinical Ozone Therapy Course Certificate to admin(at)

Once completed a registration payment link for the Live Practical Course will be sent via email.

Dental Ozone Therapy Course Information

Online Medical Ozone Theory

Focused Refresh

In this module we review several major biological pathways that interact and enable medical ozone to activate, modulate and upregulate specific pathway that involve our immune system, blood, blood circulation, antioxidant enzyme system and how some of these pathways can affect systemic pathogens. Additionally, we take a look into pathways involved in gut health and the microbiome.

Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants

Reactive Oxygen Species, Lipid Oxidative Products, Bio-messengers, Antioxidant Enzyme System and the rebalance of oxidative stress are reviewed and analysed in this module. Here we learn how a mild and transient oxidative stress can benefit the biological system.

Medical Ozone History

From the time when ozone gas was discovered to the innovators that developed the technology and use of ozone gas in medicine and dentistry. In the time-line, ozone technology, R&D and it's applications started in the USA. A change in American drug policy stopped R&D in ozone in it's tracks.

Ozone Physical & Chemical Properties | Types of Ozone Gas

The chemical and physical properties enable us to understand the qualities that ozone gas possess and why it behaves under specific condition. What are the different types of ozone gases, their functions, purity and the effect on earth and on humans.

Mechanism of Action Part 1 - 7

Here we look at the knowledge base and how ozone can influence specific mechanism of action at a cellular level. We study how ozone can destroy pathogens, the processes involved. We look at the red blood cell, immune cells and anti-oxidant enzymes play a specific role in providing the therapeutic properties ozone has on the body. How ozone naturally co-exists within an existing biochemical process of the body

Data and Graphs Part 1 - 4

We examine a range of peer review studies that support the research and clinical studies that determine the four main properties of medical ozone and it affect on biological systems.

Data | Further Research & Analysis

In this module research papers have been selected for you to download, to deepen your knowledge base. Some of these papers are focused on the interaction of medical ozone in the mitochondria, the respiratory burst, the immune system and viral interaction. Each peer review paper here can be used to cross reference and reinforce our understaning of the mechanism of action of ozone therapy and its properties on the biological system.

Indications and Applications

We look at what condition’s ozone can assist therapeutically; which applications are used to treat them, and which protocols produce an effective outcome for the client.

Methods of Application Part 1 - 3

We investigate each type of treatment application in ozone therapy. We distinguish between clinical and non-clinical treatments and how they compare to each other and what conditions and parameters each are best suited to the client.

Contra-Indications & Applications

Contra-indications are on the experience and current clinical data that indicate a risk vs therapeutic effect. There are some conditions where Ozone Therapy should not be applied. Applications that appear to have a robust therapeutic effect may have a high risk of patient safety.

Nutrition & Supplements Part 1 - 2

Nutrients are essential we using ozone therapy. How nutrient plays a vital role and how we can support the cellular function when using ozone therapy with nutrition and supplementation. We look at which types of supplement and the quality of supplements used to achieve the best results.

Medical Ozone Theory Final Exam

An exam will take place with an external auditor. The examination is done online, and can be done at your convenience, at your home or office. You have 2 hours to complete the exam and all practitioners have to obtain 70% or more to successfully pass this section of the course.

Online Medical Ozone Technical & Practical Training

Clinical Medical Ozone Technical & Practical Introduction

This is a prerequisite before coming to the Live Practical Training course which is face to face. Here we provide an overview of the importance of understanding the technical aspects of equipment, accessories and consumables for professional medical ozone therapy.

Ozone Generator

We cover a basic ozone generator, how it works, the parameters involved that have to meet, the production of ozone gas and these can be adjusted.

Oxygen Cylinders

The types of oxygen cylinder and master value connection, storage and health and safety requirement and compliance regulations involved.

Ozone Generator Accessories

The various accessories that can be used to widen the application of medical ozone therapy treatment applications.

Sedecal Certified Medical Device Ozone Generators

The Sedecal ozone generator systems, setup, operational modes and treatment applications that can be applied by this unit.

Live Practical Training | 1/2 Day Medical Ozone IV Saline Part 1

What is Wellness?

− Definition and Landscape of Wellness
− Physical Wellness
− Objectives of Physical Wellness

Overview Biological System Interactions

− Immune System
− Antioxidant System
− Enzyme Antioxidant System

Healthy Category

− Physical Wellness and Integrated Therapies
− Diet
− Nutrition
− Lifestyle Modifications
− Contraindications

Non - Healthy Category

− Wellness and Physical Illness
− Diseased Based Therapies
− Cross Morbid Conditions and Limitations − The Role of Secondary Care
− Contraindications

Consultation and Patient Management

Each patient is different; therefore, our consultation determines whether IV Wellness treatment is appropriate on the day. A review of our examination provides the next steps in our patient management and the clinical treatment procedure.

Clinical Treatment

− Combination of Ozone Therapy and Medical Ozone IV Saline
− Preparation
− Determine Dose
− Administration Method
− Speed of Administration
− Contra-applications
− Contra-Indications


Live patient demonstrations with a range of conditions; this enables practitioners to examine, assess and interact with patients, to provide feedback and direct response to treatment. The number of demonstrations on the day are 4-8.

Live Practical Training | 1 Day Dental Ozone Therapy Part 2

Ozone Therapy for Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting gums and the bone. The balance between the systemic immunity, antioxidant systems together with a bacterial infection within the oral cavity generates inflammation.

The conventional treatment is based on removing the bacterial plaque and controlling the inflammation with professional cleaning or surgically. This is complemented with antibiotics and customised hygiene techniques.

Medical ozone is a highly effective treatment for periodontal disease, usually avoiding surgery and extending retention of natural dentition. The procedures used are easy, safe, efficient and non-invasive.

Ozone Therapy for Obturations and Bonded Restorations

It is common for dental restorations to be affected by dental pathology such as dental caries, periodontal disease or trauma. Adhesive dental restorations have a stronger bonding to enamel the dentine when sterilised by the use of medical ozone. This also reduces pain and sensitivity.

The antimicrobial power of medical ozone inhibits dental caries, thereby diminishing sensitivity and enabling the practitioner to be ultra conservative as less removal of caries is necessary. In children residual dental caries can be sterilised with medical ozone, requiring less manual removal.

Ozone Therapy for Dental Trauma

In the case of partial fractures, without the dental pulp being exposed, medical ozone will help to get the fractured surfaces in the best possible condition before they can be repaired.

If the dental pulp is exposed, the regenerative and antiseptic effect would sterilize and stimulate the injured pulp. In case of a dental dislocation or pull-out without being fractured (avulsion), ozone can help the reimplanted or mobile tooth to be fixed once again in its bone base.

Ozone Therapy in Endodontics

This application has been successfully assessed in a number of clinical studies. Due to medical ozone being a gas it can diffuse within the root canal and facilitate sterilization and periapical repair. Its efficacy is similar to the one of sodium hypochlorite without affecting the fibroblastic function, even though both techniques can be combined in the same surgical procedure.

Thanks to its tissue-stimulating capacity, the postoperative period is less painful, with lower failure rates.

If severe infections eventually drain into the mouth (fistulisation), the leaking duct (fistula) can be treated with medical ozone, limiting the injury and the pain before determining a more definitive treatment. After several applications, inflammation and suppuration generally decrease, enabling a cleaner periapical surgery with a greater prospect of success.

Unlike hypochlorite medical ozone gas at the correct concertation can be safely administered safely outside the dental root system.

Ozone Therapy for Prosthesis

We can exploit ozone analgesic and antiseptic capacity to diminish the remaining sensitivity in the sculpted teeth after exposing dentin tubules. Bonding or filling procedures of dental crowns, facets, or inlay has shown very positive results.

Ozone Therapy in Dental Implantology

We find it extremely useful in maintaining the health of implant-supported prostheses, as well as in preventing complications.

Several researchers have studied the safety of this technique, which is a suitable alternative in cases of inflammation and peri-implant infections (peri-implantitis and mucositis).

This has shown to be effective to avoid more invasive surgeries and prosthetic replacements.

Ozone Therapy in Oral Surgery

Medical ozone is an effective tool to facilitate sterilisation, vascularisation, and healing of surgical sites. It has also been successfully used in the treatment of maxillary osteonecrosis.

Ozone Therapy in Oral Medicine

We use it as a complementary treatment in the case of oral infections of any kind, as it will improve vascularity and local immunity in viral infections, areas of gingivostomatitis and ulcers as an example.

Ozone Therapy for Oral and Craniomandibular Pain

We use it to treat temporomandibular arthritis and muscle pain.
It allows us to avoid the use of corticoids and to regenerate muscle function and elasticity by oxygenating the muscle and releasing tension.

It can also help reduce neuropathic pain or nerve damage by promoting remyelination if there has been no previous surgical intervention.

Ozone Therapy in Cosmetic Dentistry

Ozone is a powerful bleaching agent; it can be used as an adjunctive to the conventional techniques to avoid hypersensitivity reactions.

Consultation and Patient Management

Each patient is different; therefore, a consultation determines whether Dental Ozone Therapy and or IV System treatment is appropriate on the day. A review of our examination provides the next steps in our patient management and the clinical treatment procedure.

Clinical Treatment

− Combination of Dental Ozone Therapy and or  Medical Ozone IV treatment is appropriate
− Preparation
− Determine Concentration and Medical Ozone Gas Volume
− Administration Method
− Speed of Administration
− Contra-applications
− Contra-Indications


Demonstrations  are performed with tabel top models. This is due to the complexities and timings for Live Patients to be used within our Live Traning Concept.

Therefore, a range of conditions will be assessed with procedures; this enables practitioners to practice using the Ozonette Dental System and delivery gun.

Theortical examinationations, assessments and procedures are conducted.

Ozone Generator
Dental Ozone
Is The
Ozonette Dent

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