Medical Ozone Theory

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Medical Ozone Theory


The online course gives the ability for all practitioners to complete the theory and examination wherever you are in the world. It also allows you flexible time management for your studies.

The theoretical course has 21 modules, which require approximately 50 hours of study time. The online course provides a list of literature you may require, additional reading and research material, including any online lectures. Once completed, you can apply for the examination that can be taken and completed online.

The theory examines the foundation required in biochemistry, metabolic systems, enzymatic systems, scientific principles and fundamental concepts for the low dose approach in the practice of Medical Ozone.

Course Description

Medical Ozone has distinct chemical, physical and biochemical properties that enable to affect and influence the body’s pharmacokinetic and metabolic systems. Knowing these systems are essential and provide the practitioner with a greater array of options to tailor the treatment management, specifically to the clients needs.

This knowledge when translated in the application of Medical Ozone is where the power of Medical Ozone comes into its own.

What will you learn:

The underlining properties function and mechanisms of the red blood cell, immune cells, antioxidant buffer system and enzymatic systems. We look at why these areas of the body are of importance, their relationship to medical ozone, and it’s affect on each of these systems. This is a complete breakdown of Medical Ozone Mechanism of Action. You will learn how to manage medical ozone gas, how to use the therapeutic range, and the exceptions of the therapeutic range.

Understand how to use its chemical and physical properties to your advantage, with a complete array of systemic and dermal applications and the classification of clinical and nonclinical applications. You will learn the basic protocol elements and how to use nutrition and supplements management with medical ozone. Medical Ozone Health and Safety will be combined with Contra-applications and Contra-indications


Degree or Equivalent Background
All applicants in this category will be able to register on to the course. All
Applicants must show to have a minimum of 2 years of professional practice.

Registered NurseDieticianAcupuncturist
ParamedicMidwifeAyurvedic Practitioner
Biomedical ScientistChiropractorHerbalist

Holistic Background
Each applicant in this category must hold 2 or 3 qualifications (or similar) from the Holistic Background list. It is mandatory that each applicant has completed the Human Biology and Clinical Science Diploma (or similar) with a minimum NQF level 3. Applicants who have already acquired A+P at NQF level 3, will still be required to complete and pass Human Biology and Clinical Science Level 3 Diploma.
Applicants must show a minimum of 2 years of holistic practice in their chosen fields.

AcupressureReflexologyBowen Technique
Cranial-Sacral TherapyAromatherapySports Therapy
Remedial MassageColon HydrotherapyNutritionist
Trigger Point TherapyRolfingPsychology
Alexander TechniqueHypnotherapyYoga Instructor

What I will get from the course
  • 21 Modules
  • 59 Lectures
  • 20 Hours Video Content
  • Qualify in the theoretical knowledge of Medical Ozone
  • The Essential Mechanism of Action of Medical Ozone
  • Learn all Methods of Applications
  • Basic Protocol Elements to perform a comprehensive program
  • All Health and Safety Requirements
  • All Contra-Applications and Indications

Theory Syllabus

Click on the module and find out the title of each lesson involved for the Theory

Red Blood Cell (RBC)

What is a RBC

Structure of RBC

How is a RBC made

The function of a RBC

Oxygen metabolism

Oxygen Shift Curve

Immune Cells

What are immune cells

What structure do immune cells have

How are immune cells made

What are immune cells function

An immune response and it's purpose

Auto Immune response and it's purpose

Modulated Immune Response

Immune Shock

Antioxidant Enzyme System

What is the antioxidant enzyme system

How does it exist in our body

What is the function antioxidant enzyme system

Chemotherapy and the antioxidant enzyme system

Drugs and their side effects and the antioxidant enzyme system

Enzymatic Pathways

The function and process and purpose of the following systems:

Pentose Phosphate Pathway


Sodium Potassium Pump

ATP Transportation


Citric Acid Cycle

Introduction to Ozone Gas

Physical and Chemical Properties

Types of Ozone Gas

Production of Ozone in Nature

Health and Safety on the types of Ozone Gas Produced

Medical Ozone Gas

How is it made

Ozone – Oxygen Mixture

Methods to produce Medical Ozone Gas

Mechanism of Action

Effect on Red Blood Cell

Immune System

Biological Antioxidants and Radical Scavengers


What are Ozonides

How are Ozonides Made

Medical Ozone Forms Peroxides

Induction Effect on Ozonides

Influence of Ozone and Oxygen Metabolism

Properties of Medical Ozone

What makes Medical Ozone Effect on Pathogens

How are viruses broken down by Medical Ozone

How are bacteria broken down by Medical Ozone

What is meant by Cleansing Properties

What is meant by Healing Properties

What is meant by Protective Properties

Methods of Application

The Unit of Medical Ozone Concentration

How is the unit  quantified

Therapeutic Concentrations



Clinical vs Non Clinical

Specialised Methods



Supplement and Supplement Management

Treatment Application

Treatment Application vs Protocols

Frequency of Treatments

Ozone Concentration

Protocol Review


Monitoring Oxygen Saturation

Health and Safety

Medical Ozone Concentration in the environment

Medical Ozone a Health Hazards

Measures to ensure safety and efficacy



Ozone Society Seal

Practitioners who have successfully achieved their Theory exam and wish to practice Medical Ozone are required to complete the medical ozone practical course and have their Medical Ozone Certificate sealed by the Ozone Society. The seal provides the regulatory approval of the course and training for practitioners to apply Medical Ozone in their practice.

Ozone Society Seal ensures:

Within the UK only

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Ability to Handle Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinders


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