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Medical Ozone Practical



The practical course is a focused syllabus providing approximately 42 hours of practical training in all methods of application, the use of Medical Ozone with a range of equipment and accessories. This is to ensure that each practitioner can safely and competently perform each of the methods, set up, and use the equipment and accessories available to them.

The practical course has 3 options:

Option 1: 6.5 days training

Option 2: Part 1 is 3.5 days and Part 2 is 3 days, there is a month between each course

Option 3: One to One, is available by appointment only. This options is for corporate and medium size companies or indvidual practitioners who prefer this teaching method.

All non clinical methods are taught to all participants, whereas clinical methods are shown by a guest lecturer for educational purposes only∗. Each practitioner is assessed and is required to complete a practical assessment and exam to qualify. Applicants will take part in their own treatment protocol and each applicant will be assessing one another during their training.

∗Doctors can only take part in clinical applications training and will be given 1.5 days dedicated with our guest lecture for the administration of clinical applications.

Course Description

Participants that have completed the theory will be able to apply the principles and scientific knowledge into practice. You will gain clinical training combined with a daily practical experience of treating and receiving Medical Ozone.

What will you learn:
Hands-on experience with the setup and use of a range of medical ozone generators and accessories. All non-clinical applications will be performed by each participant on a daily basis. This is combined with a medical ozone program that is designed for each participant. This is to ensure that you get and experience of receiving Medical Ozone for yourself.

Together with treatment protocols, client management and consultation discussions, you will build a range of skills to deliver and perform medical ozone in your practice.


Pass all prerequisites to apply for the online Medical Ozone Theory Course.

Pass the online medical ozone theory exam.

What will I get from the course
  • Learn and apply all Standard Operating Procedures for Medical Ozone Generators and Accessories.
  • Learn and apply all Standard Operating Procedures for all Nonclinical Methods of Application for Medical Ozone.
  • Learn all Clinical Methods of Application and observe them being applied.
  • All essential elements to build a client program for medical ozone.
  • Examine your own personal experience receiving medical ozone and how that can relate to your clients.
  • Client Management.
  • Health and Safety auditing for the use of Medical Oxygen Gas.
  • Monitoring.
  • Practical Assessment.
  • Importance of the Ozone Society and how it relates to your Professional Indemnity Insurance and License access to Medical Oxygen Gas.
  • Written practical exam.
Practitioners Suitable for this Course

Medical and Allied Health Professionals who have passed all prerequisites to do the practical.

Registered NurseDieticianAcupuncturist
ParamedicMidwifeAyurvedic Practitioner
Biomedical ScientistChiropractorHerbalist

Holistic Practitioners who have passed all prerequisites to do the practical.

AcupressureReflexologyBowen Technique
Cranial-Sacral TherapyAromatherapySports Therapy
Remedial MassageColon HydrotherapyNutritionist
Trigger Point TherapyRolfingPsychology
Alexander TechniqueHypnotherapyYoga Instructor

Practical Syllabus

Click on the module and find out the title of each lesson involved for the Practical


Ozone Generators

Medical Devices

Non Medical Devices

Method of Medical Ozone Production

Standard Operating Procedures for Ozone Generators

Technical Limitations

Maintenance Logs

Application + Protocol

Slow and Low Approach

Low Dose Concept

Major Auto Hemotherapy

Minor Auto Hemotherapy

Ozone Injections

Rectal/Vaginal Insufflation

Medical Ozone Sauna


Limb Bagging

Ozone Water


Review and Assess all the required accessories for each Method of Application

Major Auto Hemotherapy

Minor Auto Hemotherapy

Ozone Injections

Rectal/Vaginal Insufflation

Medical Ozone Sauna


Limb Bagging

Ozone Water

My Cleanse

Assessment of:


Your cleansing program

Frequency of treatments

Ozone concentrations required

Desired Outcomes



Practice Time

During this module, you will be put into groups of two. Here you will apply on each other and with other groups.

For Complementary Practitioner and Allied Health Professional the practical will consist of Non Clinical Applcations

For doctors, Clinical Applications will be practiced and be given to each group.

Once the initial modules of equipment, accessories and protocols have been covered, this section will become a major focus in your practical course.

Client Management Discussion

Client Management Discussion

When to use medical ozone

When not to use medical ozone

Cleansing not THE only stratergy

Behavioral patterns

Types of communication we have:
with ourselves and the mind body signs and language

Treatment Protocol Discussion

Treatment Protocol Discussion:

Looks at a series of case studies that determine a different approach and why.

The case studies will relate to specific properties of Medical Ozone.

Consultation Discussion

Consultation Discussion:

Attributes we need to know before agree to give Medical Ozone

Whats the bigger picture

Is context everything

After our assessment, what is it we DO or DON'T know

Perform tests and when to



Tests and Bio-Markers

Monitoring Oxygen Saturation Percentage and does this have any use


Supplement and Supplement Management

Treatment Application

Treatment Application vs Protocols

Frequency of Treatments

Ozone Concentration

Protocol Review

Practical Assessment

Each practitioner will be assessed:

Set up of Ozone Generator

Set up of Medical Oxygen Gas

Collection or Delivery of Medical Ozone Gas via 3 methods of application

The use of all accessories required during all 3 methods of application

Each practitioner will be assessed on their awareness of Health and Safety to use and delivery medical ozone

Ozone Society

Regulation of Medical Ozone in the UK and Internationally

Code of Ethics

Best Practice

Professional Indeminty

BOC and Accessing Medical Oxygen Gas

Health and Safety

Contra Indications

Contra Applications

Handling Medical Oxygen Gas

Working with Medical Ozone in the work place

Protocol risk assessment

Ozone Society Seal

Practitioners who have successfully achieved their Practical exam and wish to practice Medical Ozone are required to send their Medical Ozone Course Certificate and Medical Oxygen Safety Certificates to the Ozone Society. Once received the Ozone Society will seal your certificates, with the Ozone Society Seal as shown on the right. This provides the regulatory approval of the Medical Ozone Course, Ability to Handle Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinders and obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance, so that practitioners can apply Medical Ozone into their practice.


Ozone Society Seal ensures:

Within the UK only

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Ability to Handle Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinders



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