Client Management - Medical Ozone Perspective
Course Overview

The Client Management - Medical Ozone Perspective is a CPD Course and provides 3 CPD Points for qualified practitioners in the field of Ozone Therapy and Complementary Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health Professionals.

We focus on the immune system and it functions which leads to regional immunity with the digestive tract. We examine the importance of digestive health and how this has an active impact upon our whole immune system.

This leads onto nutrition, if the digestive immunity is impaired, our ability to absorb and maintain bio-availability from the foods we eat become affected.

Thus, we look in to supplementation and specifically plants base supplementation. To provide support to specific organs or biochemical and enzymatic functions at cellular level.

Finally we discuss the consultation process and treatment protocols, together these modules provide a micro-view to macro-view in client management and how due diligence in our ability to look at the bigger picture can change our client management, and support our client management, when using medical ozone in our practice.

Course Modules

Immune System
We cover the range of cells that make up the immunity and how these cells are developed and formed in the body. We examine their function and role in the immune system and how each are triggered. This section goes into further detail in the types of immunes responses we have and what condition create them. Finally we look how the immunity in specific regions of the body function and their role as an extension to the main immune system.

Nutrition and Supplements
We take a look at what nutrients are important we using ozone therapy. How nutrient plays a vital role and how we are able to support the cellular function when using ozone therapy with nutrition and supplementation. We look at which types of supplement and the quality of supplements are used to achieve the best results.

Health Analysis
Here we examine the consultation process. How we interrogate client data, use biomarkers and evaluate the best treatment protocol.

Treatment Protocols
Treatment Protocols are based on our intitial assessment of the patient. The protocols implemented should consider each stage of the protocol based on the individual needs of the patient. This process enables to determine the time involved to complete the protocol, the frequency of treatments and how we use the methods of application and medical ozone concentrations used.

Who Can Register

All practitioners who are registered with the Ozone Society or other Medical Ozone Professional Bodies. Those who are not registered with a medical ozone professional body, are required to provide proof of Certification, in thier chosen  field.

Course Duration and Fee's

The course can be completed in one day, however the institute provides 3 months to complete the course.

The course fee's:
£75.00 Ozone Society/Afiliated Member.
£150.00 None Ozone Society/Afiliated Member.

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