Medical Ozone Research Institute

is committed to delivering continual development to its practitioners.

Our focus here is to ensure that all practitioners are

  • Up to dated with the most recent research and studies with the delivery of medical ozone.
  • Inline with all Health and Safety with Medical Oxygen Gas and Regulators
  • Regularly Maintaining Medical Ozone Devices and Accessories
  • Up to date with Protocol Modifications
  • Aware of the Political and Legal Landscape worldwide

MORI is a hub for the essential tools for medical ozone, here we combine:

  • Practical Logistics and Clinical Operations
  • Patient Management
  • Equipment and Accessories Reviews
  • MORI are designing some CPD courses to be delivered online
  • These courses can be taken at your convenience
  • Each course will have a set of parameters of importance and when to complete the course
  • The course material will be a range of video lectures and slide presentations
  • Passing a multiple choice exam ensures your CPD certificate and points

MORI puts all the pieces together for medical ozone:

  • Keeping inline with Guidelines and Recommendation to Practice
  • UK  Ozone Society and the Worldwide Medical Ozone Network
  • Up to date with Madrid Declaration Revisions
  • Providing a resources for practitioners